Autumn's and Dayo's 8 pups born on December 16, 2013

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a 75 lb classic Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Autumn's 4 week update
January 13

Autumn's pups are a sweet and adorable bunch. They have the same distinct look of the past 3 litters that Dayo and Autumn have made in the past. The pups will be ready to go home when they're 8 weeks old, on February 10th.

All the pups are spoken for at this time.

Jase: cream male ~ green/red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Jep: cream male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED
Jep is the smallest of the litter, but has recently taken a turn. He's working really hard to catch up with his litter mates :)

Phil: cream male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Si: cream male ~ cream/pear ribbon -- ADOPTED

Willie: cream male ~ red HOHOHO ribbon -- ADOPTED

Miss Kate: cream female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Korie: cream female ~ purple/yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Missy: cream female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Autumn's and Dayo's pups born December 16th
December 18

Autumn's and Dayo's pups were born in the early hours of December 16th. Autumn is an attentive mama, and is an old pro with her pups (this is her last litter). There are 5 handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls. They're named after the TV series, Duck Dynasty. The boys are Phil, Willie, Si, Jase, and Jep. The girls are Kay, Korie, and Missy.

Autumn and Dayo's pups normally become very light cream in colour. The weights of their previous pups have ranged from 45-90 lbs. I'm still taking a couple more deposits on this litter. They will be ready to go to their new homes February 11, 2014.

Contact me if this litter interests you.

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