Savy's and Kodiak's 7 pups born on December 30, 2007

Mini F1B Labradoodle pups from an apricot 75 lb F1 Labradoodle dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Nifty is charming her way into my heart
March 13

Nifty is turning into a stunning little girl and has a charming way about her. She follows me well when we go for walks and likes to stay close to me, but will go off and play well on her own too.

She has a really good nose on her and learns quickly. Nifty is confident but not dominant. Although her coat is coming in really nice now she may still shed some when she grows up -- but likely not a lot. I would still guess her adult weight around the 30 lb mark.

If you're interested in adopting this fabulous little girl, give me a call.

Photogenic Nifty poses for the camera. -- ADOPTED

Boogy and Nifty are available to go to their new homes
March 5

Both of these pups are ambitious and confident. Boogy has a softer, less likely to shed coat and Nifty's coat is somewhat shorter and more coarse. This indicates she may shed some, but probably minimally to moderately -- most of which can be controlled with regular brushing.

If you're interested in either of these 2 let us know.

Boogy is a goof ball with lots of entertainment value -- but after a good time of playing she's ready to settle in for a snuggle. Her coat is showing that it will likely not shed. My guess is she'll grow to around the 30 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Nifty is a smart, confident, little girl. She is very personable and ready for a good time. Her coat may shed some and I guess she'll probably grow to around 30 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Savy has 5 adorable pups looking for good homes
February 14

Savy has some pups that need to find good homes. Nifty is going to BC and Chill gets to be a best friend and guardian of a young boy in Edmonton.

The pups that are still available vary in size and temperament. They're absolutely adorable and very nice pups. All of them have coats that look as if they won't shed, or may be minimal shedders. They can go home the end of February or early March.

Boogy is a wonderfully confident little girl. She has a outgoing personality and is very, very sweet. She has a coat that will likely not shed. -- ADOPTED

Bunny is the biggest girl and has a gentle, quiet spirit. She just loves to cuddle and is a good big sister to her sibs. -- ADOPTED

Chick is outgoing and fun loving -- a real sweetie. She sports a nice dark brown coat. -- ADOPTED

Groovy is a very calm, quiet type. She lacks a bit of confidence and needs someone to come along side her to show her the world. She has a wonderful, dark apricot coat and a kind eye. -- ADOPTED

Rad is the man. He is very friendly, confident and personable with a very nice dark apricot coat and a great personality. -- ADOPTED

Savy's pups at 4 1/2 weeks
January 30

Savy is one of my favourite girls. She has such a good personality; comical and smart. Kodiak is a friendly, gentle-natured boy. I wish I could find a reason to keep one pup for myself.

All of these pups have very nice coats and should have a good chance of being non-shedders. I would guess their adult weights to average 35-45 lbs.

A few of these pups are still available. I'll know which ones in a couple of weeks when people start choosing.

Contact us if you're interested in a pup from this litter.

Rad is just a dark apricot "happenin'" male pup! -- ADOPTED

Chill is a male, light cream cool K9! -- ADOPTED

Boogy is a lighter coloured girl, with a great coat! -- ADOPTED

Groovy is a dark apricot girl (who was not impressed with the photo shoot). -- ADOPTED

Nifty is an apricot girl, seems confident, and loves to be photographed. -- ADOPTED

Chocolate Bunny's bad hair day. She's the bigger of the 2 chocolate girls. -- ADOPTED

Chocolate Chicky: the smaller of the 2 chocolate girls. -- ADOPTED

Savy's pups born Early! Groovy!
January 2

Savy's mini F1B labradoodle puppies were born a few days early on December 30. They started arriving shortly after midnight and she was all done around 8 am. Savy did an excellent job and is such a good mama!

Since they were born in the "old" year, we've decided to name them after 70's slang terms...

The boys are Chill (cream) and Rad (apricot). The chocolate girls are called Bunny and Chick, while the apricot girls are Groovy, Boogy and Nifty.

All seven pups are very even in weight, and look very happy and healthy. I so look forward to these pups, as the personalities of their parents are some of my favourites! This is Kodiak's first litter and we're thrilled!

There are some pups still available from this litter.

Savy's rainbow of pups.

Chill is chillin'.

Nifty takes five.

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