Sheena's and Dayo's 5 pups born on January 8, 2008

Medium standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a quiet-natured 45 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Sheena's pups at 5.5 weeks
February 19

Sheena's and Dayo's pups are growing into some very good looking dawgs! The boys are all spoken for and one of the girls remain (although the girls are yet to be chosen).

Polly is an outgoing little girl. She's very friendly, confident and has a nice wavy, borderline coat. -- ADOPTED

Molly is the quiet, shy pup. She's coming out of her shell more and more. Molly plays well on her own and would make a good pup for a family that's not always home during the day. She likes her cuddles and needs a patient, loving master. She too has a borderline fleece coat. -- ADOPTED

Underdog gets to be a "Buddy" for a couple in Fort McMurray. -- ADOPTED

Shoeshine is a gentle boy who just can't wait to play with his new family from Edmonton. -- ADOPTED

RifRaf is an outgoing, jovial boy who gets to go cheer on the Flames with his new family in Calgary. -- ADOPTED

Sheena's pups at 3 weeks
January 31

Sheena's pups are growing well. We can certainly see Dayo's genes in these pups as they do look a lot bigger than the minis.

Sheena is a great mom and does well with her pups. All these pups are spoken for. They'll be ready to go home after March 4th at 8 weeks old.

Molly and Polly are a darker apricot than the boys. They look like twins. They're getting a nice wave to their coats but the texture of their coats are both more wiry, and not as soft, as the boys. This is a very unusual way to separate the boys from the girls, but it keeps life interesting!

This is Molly, she's determined to be different than Polly... -- ADOPTED

This is Polly, she's determined to be different than Molly... -- ADOPTED

...and we'll see what the next few weeks hold as their personalities develop.

RifRaf is a cream-coloured boy -- not so sure about the camera thing. -- ADOPTED

ShoeShine tests out his new walkin' shoes. -- ADOPTED

Underdog has no time for the photo shoot... he's sure he heard there was trouble somewhere! Have no fear... Underdog is here! -- ADOPTED

Sheena's pups arrive January 8
January 11

Sheena gave birth to 5 beautiful goldendoodle pups on January 8, 2008. She is a very natural mom and Dayo is very proud. It looks like the boys are taking after their dad with wavier coats, and the girls look more like mom with straighter coats... but time will tell.

The kids were thrilled to name them after the "Underdog" movie we saw over the holidays. The boys are Underdog, Shoeshine and Rif Raf while the girls are Molly and Polly.

These pups will be ready to be homed the beginning of March. I may have a male and a female still available to adopt from this litter.

More photos coming...

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