Lacy's and Dayo's 10 pups born on August 15, 2008

F1B standard Goldendoodle pups from our 50 lb F1 Apricot Goldendoodle dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Fiskar is available for adoption!
October 6

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Fiskar is available for adoption. -- ADOPTED

This handsome pup is very sweet and affectionate. He is a bit shy and is not the first to come running to you from his litter, but when one-on-one with him he's very playful and fun. Fiskar may be well suited for a family that is working part of the day since he's OK about being by himself.

He has a very nice temperament and is not a high energy dog, from what I see at this time. His coat has great non-shedding qualities and my guess weight for him is 55 lbs or so. Fiskar will be ready to go home for Thanksgiving weekend!

If you feel this boy would make a good addition to your family, please call or email me and I'll chat further with you.

Lacy's pups' 1 month update
September 17

Lacy and Dayo's pups are growing up to be a nice bunch of dogs. Their coats are still coming in and changing but they look to be promising as low to non-shedders. My guess for the boys' adult weights are from 55-60 lbs and the girls 45-50 lbs, with the exception of little Bic, the runt. With her, who knows?

All of the pups are spoken for.

Webster is a light-coloured boy. The kids say he always makes them laugh. He's very entertaining as he is a going concern at the moment. -- ADOPTED

Sketch is one of the calmer girls at the moment, with a nice apricot coat. -- ADOPTED

Sharpie is an almost white girl with tonnes of personality. -- ADOPTED

Ruler is the calmer of the boys and has a nice apricot, curly coat. -- ADOPTED

Fiskar is the biggest boy and is on the quieter side at the moment, but I think he has something up his sleeve. -- ADOPTED

Laurentien is a little sweetie with a creamy coat. -- ADOPTED

Hilroy is a sweet, little, apricot girl who is budding with personality. -- ADOPTED

Elmer is full of character and he has a long, wavy type coat at the moment. -- ADOPTED

Crayola is a colourful, little apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Bic is the runt of this family. She is not yet sold, as I'm waiting to see how she fares for a bit. I want to make sure she's OK. Bic is the smallest pup we've ever had who has survived (she started out at 0.4 lbs). She is now seemingly healthy and strong, and she is growing. And my, is she sweet... and proud of it! -- ADOPTED

Lacy's pups at 20 days
September 4

Bic and Webster have been adopted by Zoey. Bic was the smallest girl and Webster the smallest boy from Lacy's litter. With less competition they're doing really well and are just as big as their siblings now. Zoey has been a great mom to them. She took them in as her own without hesitation.

Lacy's 3 other boys... how handsome are they! Dayo's buttons would burst if he had any :-)

There are quite a variety of shades of cream to apricot and a huge variety in sizes with these girls. But they're all adorable.

All of these pups are spoken for.

Lacy's 1st pups
August 15

Lacy had her first litter today and she's being a very good Mama. She was a bit confused about the whole ordeal to begin with but now has settled in nicely with her newborn pups.

There are 6 girls and 4 boys. All are varying shades of cream and apricot. Lacy has lots of milk and the pups are all settled and content already. The theme for this litter is "Names you find on School Supplies."

The boys are:

Webster, Ruler, Fiskar and Elmer

The girls are:

Hilroy, Laurentien, Sharpie, Sketch, Bic and Crayola

Lacy is very tentative over her new babies.

Contact me if you're interested or have any questions.

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