Zoey's and Rusty's 5 pups born on August 16, 2008

F1 mini/medium Goldendoodle pups from a 55 lb reddish Golden Retriever dam and our 14 lb apricot Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Zoey's pups at 1 month
September 17

Zoey's pups certainly have a unique look to them. She has been known to produce more blocky type pups and boy, they are cute. This is Zoey's last litter. She will be spayed and we will be looking for a good home for her. Zoey has been such an asset to our breeding program and has always raised such nice pups.

I expect these pups to range from 20-35 lbs as adults. They're all spoken for.

Fajita is the quiet one at the moment, but she's coming out of her shell with daily socializing. -- ADOPTED

Guacky is Miss Social and a real card. She has the lightest colour coat in the bunch. -- ADOPTED

Tortilla is a sweet, little apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Salsa is a spicy girl and lots of fun. -- ADOPTED

Taco is a handsome little boy, but is proud to be bigger than his sisters. -- ADOPTED

Zoey's pups at 19 days
September 4

These little munchkins are pudgy and doing well. Too sweet for words.

All of these pups are spoken for.

Zoey's pups are born -- no night rounds this time
August 16

Zoey's pups were born exactly 24 hours after Lacy's and in the middle of the afternoon. How about that! No night watch for me... this round anyway!

Zoey had 5 pups, 1 boy and 4 girls. They're all doing well and are a good size for miniature pups. Their names have a Mexican food theme. The boy is Taco, and the girls are Fajita, Salsa, Tortilla, and Guacamole.

We gave Zoey's boy, Taco, a brother (Webster) to bond with from Lacy's litter to help even out the litters and to give the smaller girls from Lacy's litter more chances to get to the milk bar. Zoey didn't hesitate to accept Webster into her litter. She's an excellent mom.

These pups are all spoken for.

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