Callie's and Toby's 5 pups born on December 29, 2005

Mini/Medium Labradoodle pups from a 90 lb Black Lab dam and our cinnamon Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Daisy now has a new home!
March 12

Daisy is adopted to a friend in town. We hope to use her for breeding in a couple of years. This way we can still see her and raise some of her pups. She gets to be the center of attention in a family with twin boys to play with. I am very excited for them, and us, as well.

Peach is adopted -- Daisy is waiting for her family
March 4

We're experiencing empty nest syndrome. Only Daisy is left. She is so calm and wonderful and a real pleasure to have around.

Peach and Daisy are waiting for families
February 27

Callie's litter in general are a very easy-going, quiet group of pups. We had thought to keep Peach back but we're now thinking to let her go because we already have Savy (another one of Callie's pups). Perhaps we'll keep one of Ripley's pups... this is a very hard decision since both Peach and Daisy are excellent pups -- Callie's pups are always awesome.

Peach is a personable little girl with big brown eyes. She plays well with the kids and is a good snuggler. Next to Yoshi she has the curliest coat. -- ADOPTED

Daisy is a quiet and mellow beautiful girl who is playful and fun. She plays well on her own but also loves her snuggles. -- ADOPTED

Four and a half week update
January 30

Mario is the leader of the gang. He's a happy guy and the biggest brute. -- ADOPTED

Yoshi is the quiet, gentle boy. He is laid-back and handsome. -- ADOPTED

Boo is the littlest girl but doesn't act like it. She is calm, fun and reminds me of her mom. -- ADOPTED

Peach is outgoing, ready to have a good time and play, play, play. -- ADOPTED

Daisy is the shy, quiet girl who likes her snuggles once she has checked out the situation. -- ADOPTED

Callie's 2.5 week update
January 16

Callie's pups are huge! You would never guess that a miniature poodle, Toby, was their Dad.

Callie has a lot of rich milk for just 5 pups and so they're growing like crazy. They'll soon lose their extra weight once they're able to put their feet under their bodies and walk around. They are soooo... cute.

Peach, Boo and Daisy.

Yoshi and Mario.

Callie's post-Christmas litter
December 29

Here are Callie's pups. All are growing fast and doing well. In a couple of days it looks like they will be about the same size as Sally's pups.

We gave the kids a Game Cube for Christmas and it was Ben's turn to name the pups. So he named them after the Mario bunch.

The boys are Mario and Yoshi. The girls are Boo, Daisy and Peach.

Daisy takes a drink from the milk bar between Mario games.

Can you tell who is who?

Callie can.

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