Peachy Keen's and Dayo's 8 pups born on December 14, 2008

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a 55 lb red Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Snoopy and Fiction are adopted!
March 9

Peanuts and Peachy's pups are all adopted and it sure seems quiet around here now!

Nite Nite's pups are doing well and growing. I'll be posting updated photos in the next couple of weeks.

Look for upcoming spring litters to be updated within the next week after pregancy tests are completed.

Lots of adoptions on Family day!
February 16

Family day at Hearty K9s brought about a busy stream of dog lovers wanting to add a new member to their families. The latest adopted puppies are:

Fiction remains from Peachy Keen's litter and is waiting for someone to scoop her up. She has a hair coat and will likely shed some. Fiction has a great balanced temperament, not too energetic or shy. I'm trying to avoid the temptation to keep her for myself... she's a great pup!

More pups have been adopted! Some Pups are still available
January 24

I had 9 families come today and was in the barn for most of the day. I'm glad I'm taking tomorrow off to do the family thing with my brothers and sister.

These pups have been adopted:

Remaining to be adopted are: Legend, Myth and Fiction

Peachy Keen's pups at 5 weeks
January 19

It's time for Peachy Keen's pups to be debuted! They're growing nicely and are generally smaller in stature than Peanuts and Yankee's pups. These pups are a lot of fun and are just nicely developing their personalities.

They'll be ready to be homed at 8 weeks; which is the February 8th weekend.

I'm still taking deposits on this litter.

Fiction -- female, red lace collar -- ADOPTED (we decided to keep her)

Legend is the biggest boy and has a flatter coat at the moment -- black collar -- ADOPTED

Myth (buster) -- biggest female, yellow collar -- ADOPTED

Fable -- female, pink collar -- ADOPTED

Comedy Non-Fiction -- light, brown boy -- ADOPTED

Epic -- boy, blue collar -- ADOPTED

Parable -- female, purple collar -- ADOPTED

Satire -- female, aqua collar -- ADOPTED

The latest, latest adoptions
January 18

It's been another busy week and weekend! Things are coming together well but we still have a lot of standard-sized pups to find good homes for.


from Peachy Keen's litter:

I was very excited to train a couple of people to come and help me socialize pups. I had been getting a bit worn out lately and am relieved with the extra help. The gals are working out really well. The only disadvantage for me is that I don't get to know the pups as well. But I do get to catch up on the details one way or another.

The kids are just too busy with their homework, swimming and piano lessons to have them commit to 2-3 hours of socializing daily!

Peachy Keen's pups are born December 14th
December 15

Comedy Non-Fiction

If this name makes you raise an eyebrow... you'll want to read on!

Peachy Keen's pups arrived on Sunday morning, December 14, 2008. After several trips through the night to check on her, braving the ice-cold wind chill of -46C, she decided to wait until we went to church to deliver her 8 healthy babies into this world.

She has taken to mothering very well. It never ceases to amaze me that most new moms know exactly what to do and don't need any of our help in labour and delivery.

I'm shocked to see 8 pups. They're all of good size too! She carried them more in her rib cage and not in her belly so she didn't show that much.

Every dog's life has a story to tell. Their adventures and antics will capture your attention and their story will want you to hold on to that book, even when the last page is finished. There are several different types of stories out there, but we decided to pick just a few to name these pups after.

The 5 girl's names are: Fiction, Fable, Parable, Myth and Satire

The 3 boys are: Legend, Epic and Comedy Non-Fiction

Sara really wanted a pup called Non-Fiction, but didn't want to call a pup 'Non'... so now it is Comedy's second name. Perhaps it will be the true story of your pup's life!

I'm taking deposits for these F1 Standard goldendoodles. They'll likely be anywhere from 45-65 lbs when full grown. The pups will be ready to go home the first weekend in February.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga at Hearty K9s!

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