Skittles' and Horton's 9 pups born on December 14, 2011

F1B medium Goldendoodle pups from our beautiful, medium-energy Goldendoodle dam and our 18", 22 lb moyen Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Skittles' pups are ready to go home now!!
February 7

Skittles' and Horton's pups are doing great and growing beautifully! There are quite a range of sizes left and great non-shedding type coats. In general this litter is not boisterous, but more on the gentle, quieter side. That may change once they get to their new homes and find out what they're made of away from their siblings :) ...but in general they're a wonderful litter.

Please contact us if you're interested in one of these pups.

Brae is a lighter apricot boy and is a little bit of a shy guy until he gets to know you. He is a good snuggler. Brae will need a little bit of patience when he gets to his new home, and will blossom with the encouragement. He too has a non-shedding type of coat, and will grow to be around 40-45 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Woofer is a spunky little character with a curly, medium apricot coloured, curly coat.. He has a lot of character and is a good cuddler. Woofer will likely not shed and will grow to be 30-35 lbs or so. -- ADOPTED

BaaBaa is a lighter apricot boy. He has a little spunk to him to make up for his smaller size. I believe he'll grow to be around the 35 lb mark, and will likely have a non-shedding type of coat. -- ADOPTED

Chirp is a fun-loving, little, light apricot girl who is such a little sweetheart. She has a non-shedding type of coat and will likely grow to be 35 lbs or so. -- ADOPTED

Squeak is a goofy sort of pup. He seems thoughtful and reserved at first... but is really waiting for the right opportunity to show off his true colours. He has a nice, darker apricot, non-shedding type of coat, and will likely grow to be around 50 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Whinny has a darker apricot, not as curly, type of coat... and may shed minimally. She has a soft personality that is blooming and is just a real sweetie. I believe she'll grow to be around 40 lbs or so. -- ADOPTED

Skittles' and Horton's pups at 4 weeks old
January 11

Hard to believe a month has already passed by since these little munchkins were born. They're a very nice, easy-going bunch at this time, but we'll see what the next few weeks hold as they develop their personalities. The pups are growing nicely and there's a large variety of coats and sizes.

My guess right now is that they'll likely range from 25-60 lbs. MooMoo is the biggest and Snort is the smallest. Chirp is much curlier than her sister Whinny, but both are bigger girls... at this point.

The pups will be ready to go to their new homes on February 8th (at 8 weeks old). Folks with deposits will start to choose which pup they want from this litter after January 25th. We have room for more deposits on this litter.

If you're interested in one of these pups, please contact us.

Brae: apricot male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Woof: apricot male ~ lime green ribbon -- ADOPTED

BaaBaa: apricot male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Chirp: apricot female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Squeak: apricot male ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Whinny: apricot female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

MooMoo: apricot male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Russel: apricot male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Snort: apricot male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Skittles and Horton had 9 pups 4 days early on December 14!
December 17

After their morning run with the quad I didn't think Skittles would have her pups any time soon. She kept up very well considering the size of her tummy... but low and behold, she picked a lowly old dog house full of straw to have her pups on a nice warm winter's day.

Considering this was her first litter, Skittles did extremely well. Horton was still with her in the same outside run, and he was obviously very concerned for her. He actually insisted on seeing Skittles the next day in the nursery, to make sure all was well. I have not seen this before... Horton is quite the papa and congenial stud!!

Considering where this litter was born, and how I could hear them before I saw them, the theme for this litter is "Possible noises that were heard in the stable that first Christmas!"

There are 7 boys, their names are: Russel, Moo, Squeak, Brae, Snort, Baa Baa, and Woof
The 2 girls are: Chirp and Whinny.

These pups are various shades of apricot F1B goldendoodles. My guess is they'll range from 30-65 lbs. The pups will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age, which takes us to February 8th!

I am now taking more deposits on this litter, contact us if you're interested.

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