Annie's and Nic-o's 13 pups born on March 10, 2022

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from our soft-tempered 55 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 55 lb stunning standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

F1 standard goldendoodles from Annie and Nic-o!
May 7

Annie's and Nic-o's pups have been a dream to raise. They're solid, well-balanced puppies. We do puppy evaluations on them and along with what we note on a daily basis we've given a little blurb about what we see in them at this point.

We've had plenty of people on our wait list for these pups. The timing doesn't work out for so many of them, so we have these remaining. We've lowered our price for standard poodle cross pups to $3000 including GST.

Please note in FAQ that we do require you to read some books before picking up your puppy.

Check out our Instagram account for videos and more frequent updates of these pups at #heartyk9s_home!

Please submit your application if you're interested in one of these good-natured pups!.

Camden is a fun, tender-hearted little girl who loves to work for you, has fairly good nerve strength and has medium energy. She's rated highly for a retired person or as a therapy dog! -- ADOPTED

Shard is quite the character who loves toys and has great nerve strength. She takes a little time to warm up to someone but then she shows her true colours. Shard is rated highly for an active retired person and for some therapy work as well. -- ADOPTED

My buddy Oxford is a real pal. He's more middle of the road in energy and confidence but loves snuggles and has high nerve strength. Oxford fetches and plays well on his own too. He rates highly for a retired active person, therapy work and older kids. -- ADOPTED

London is a real sweetheart!! She's middle of the road for assertiveness and energy, gives good eye contact and has very good nerve strength. London rates highly in therapy work, as a facility dog, ESA (emotional support) and also for kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Abbey is the largest of her litter. She's not as assertive and is a quieter girl who loves all the snuggles. This girl rates high for a family with young kids, as a therapy dog and for a less active, retired person. -- ADOPTED

Wembley is highly confident, assertive and motivated to work for you. He has high nerve strength, medium energy (plays tugs and fetches) and is very tough tolerant. This guy would be the pick of the litter as a service dog. He's rated highly for therapy work, ESA (emotional support) and as a facility dog. Wembley is smart and would take a lot of time and expertise to make the most of his talents. He has a persistent will that will keep you on your toes. -- ADOPTED

Heathrow is a fun character once he warms up. He has medium assertiveness, energy and confidence with high nerve strength. This guy loves toys and is extremely tender-hearted. He would be best suited to a quieter environment such as with a retired couple, but he can still change as he grows into his potential. -- ADOPTED

Mews is a lovely medium to middle of the road pup with very good nerve strength, who is highly tough tolerant. She rates high for a family with young kids, a therapy dog, facility dog or also for a retired couple or person. -- ADOPTED

Piccadilly is a love. He's not overly assertive, has medium energy, high nerve strength and loves all the snuggles. Plus, he fetches! This guy rates highly as a kid's dog, some lines of therapy work and ESA (emotional support). -- ADOPTED

Annie's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodles at 4 weeks old
April 8

Annie is such a great mama. Even though this litter is more than double the size of her last litter she has more than enough milk for everyone.

There are pups with many varieties of sizes and shades of colours with personalities that are just starting to bud. I expect this litter to range in size from 50-65 lbs. They can go home the beginning of May.

I have plenty of availability in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

Oxford: male ~ navy ribbon -- ADOPTED

Camden: female ~ blue twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

Shard: female ~ pink twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

London: female ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Abbey: female ~ yellow twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

Heathrow: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Wembley: male ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mews: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Piccadilly: male ~ lights ribbon -- ADOPTED

Boris: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hyde Park: male ~ red/black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Thames: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Windsor: male ~ brown/black stripe ribbon -- ADOPTED

Annie's and Nic-o's standard F1 litter of 13 pups born March 10!
March 13

Annie was big and uncomfortable, and so it didn't surprise me that she had her pups 5 days early. For a girl who does not conceive easily, things sure turned around for her this time!! Lol

I would expect this litter to grow to be between 50-65 lbs. They'll be able to go home the beginning of May!

The theme for this litter is London, England which is close to where my youngest daughter currently lives.

The 8 boys are: Boris, Heathrow, Hyde, Piccadilly, Thames, Windsor, Wembley and Oxford.
The 5 girls are: Abbey, Camden, London, Mews, and Shard.

I have lots of availability in this litter now! Lol! Contact me if you're interested!

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