Darma's and Radar's 12 pups born on July 3, 2006

Mini/Medium Labradoodle pups from a strawberry-chocolate Lab dam and our red Toy Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Granny has a home!!
September 7

Granny is now adopted. Zorra, Sylvia and Red are still looking for homes.

A sister's reunion!
September 4

Three sisters: Zorra, Sylvia and Granny.

Zorra returns home. -- ADOPTED

Sad news, but after a week of total bliss with 2 brothers Zorra was causing a mild reaction which was slowly getting worse with one boy. They thought it not fair for only one boy to be able to play with her, so they'll try another pup in the near future. So Zorra is home again.

She was sad to see her family go but sure was happy to see Sylvia and Granny to welcome her... and she didn't forget about the art of sneaking some of Darma's milk when she had a chance!

Red is back. -- ADOPTED

One of Red's new family members was allergy tested and they said he should be OK with dogs. But something went wrong somewhere and now they're heartbroken. As it turned out, he is allergic! They'll try another litter and see what happens.

Red was at her new home only 2 days and slept through the night both nights, a "perfect girl", they said. She is the social butterfly.

Contact us for more information.

3 young ladies are looking for good homes
August 30

We have these fabulous 3 sisters who are looking for their own homes. They're all wonderful in their own way and I would like to keep any one of them back for breeding purposes. But think I have enough on my plate right now ;-)

My guess is that they should all stay in the range of 25-30 lbs when mature. Their coats are all fairly straight which may increase their likelihood of shedding. Their personalities are all quite unique and very loveable.

Sylvia is an independent sort who plays well on her own. She's the last to come to greet you but is very playful, ambitious, and cuddly. -- ADOPTED

Granny is a goofy puppy. The most confident of the 3, she is fun-loving and very smart. -- ADOPTED

Flipper is my personal favourite -- mostly because she has a very calm nature. Her coat has the most brown in it and she has the most white on her chin and chest. -- ADOPTED

Please contact us if you have any questions.

6 week update and all's well
August 16

At the end of August, these little cuties will be packing up their teddy bears and heading home. Sylvia, Twitchy, Granny and Flipper still await directions to where home is.

At six weeks old, these pups are already taking after their parents. They're easy-going and relaxed. Add in the playfulness of a puppy and it's all fun.

Taking photos of these guys has been more than challenging because of their colour... plus they don't know how to STAY yet. But I'm so glad they're cute and they keep me smiling.

I took well over 700 photos to get the 12 you see here. They do follow me well all over the yard and are getting more kennel training before they leave here. They will truly be missed... they've been a fun summer project for the kids.

Emma was the first one chosen and is going to live in Sherwood Park, AB. She is a very sweet-natured pup. -- ADOPTED

Flipper has a soft, straight coat. She is a gentle soul, cuddly, and sweet. -- ADOPTED

Granny is a small, quiet, laid-back, little girl and delightful in every way. -- ADOPTED

Grizzly is a fun, happy, and playful character. -- ADOPTED

Japeth is a card. He's interactive but also plays well by himself. -- ADOPTED

Quill's new name is Malibu, and she is cruising to Calgary. -- ADOPTED

Red may be black on the outside... but she has some fiery red hair somewhere. She is quite the playful, goofy character. We always get a kick out of her silly antics and the ways she tries to get ones' attention. -- ADOPTED

Sylvia is a bundle of fun and loads of character in a small package. She has a good sense of humour and lots of energy... she needs it to keep up to her big brothers. -- ADOPTED

Twitchy at the moment is one of the biggest boys. He's a silly character who can make anyone smile. -- ADOPTED

Wade is a jovial boy... full of beans and fun. -- ADOPTED

Wolfy's new name is Cooper. He can't wait to live with his new best friend -- a 6 year old named Christopher. -- ADOPTED

Cutie-pie Zorra loves to jump and play. -- ADOPTED

4 week update: news and photos
July 31

First the pups, then the news...

Emma is one of my favourites. She's a medium-size female with a lovely wavy, brownish coat. "Hey, look at me!" -- ADOPTED

Flipper is a female with a soft, straighter, brownish coat. She has a great personality. -- ADOPTED

Granny is quite a little character. She's a small, blackish female. -- ADOPTED

Grizz has a gentle soul. He's a bigger male and all black. -- ADOPTED

Japeth is a big, solid, brownish/black boy. He has great markings and is a fun character. -- ADOPTED

Quill is a social girl. She's a bigger, brownish, wavy female. -- ADOPTED

Red is the biggest girl and all black. She's social and talkative. -- ADOPTED

Sylvia is another one of my favourites -- very sweet and cuddly. She's a small, brownish girl. -- ADOPTED

Sara's favourite, Twitchy is a bigger, brownish boy. -- ADOPTED

Wade is an all black, big boy who is sweet, sweet, sweet. -- ADOPTED

Wolfy is a cutey! He is brownish and is the smallest boy. -- ADOPTED

Zorra is the smallest, curliest, brownest girl. She also knows she's cute. -- ADOPTED

Normally I try to describe each pups' personality as we see it to this point. But the effort is futile as, even in this week when they're from 4-5 weeks old, they change so drastically. Take Zorra who has been so meek and mild -- yesterday we saw a frisky, goofy, assertive little girl.

So... when I post the next photos at 6 weeks we'll see more of who they are, and who they will be.

I'm still supplementing the pups, but I just mix the formula with their mush. They're all gaining and doing well. This is why in some of the photos you'll see that they seem a bit crusty... they dive into their food and have not learned proper eating manners yet.

The pups are just starting to regularly explore out of their whelping box and into the nursery. By the time they're 6-7 weeks they should be able to climb their way outside.

They're like litter munchkins, these babies. The majority of them have brown in them and they may all turn out that way eventually. Or some may just stay black. I've had some people describe their chocolate labradoodle being very dark at this age and then grow into a lovely chocolate later. So we'll just have to wait and see.

At this point 7 of the 12 are spoken for. The adoptive families are coming in the next 2 weeks to choose who they'll have for their new family member. The pups will be ready to go to their new homes at the end of August.

Darma -- watching out over the yard during her break.

Darma and pups go camping!
July 17

Five days after giving birth to 12 beautiful pups Darma ended up with Mastitis. She was not feeling well at all, and while we did all we could to help her out, we had to wait for the antibiotics to take their course. Darma is now almost up-to-par 10 days later. I'm only feeding the smallest ones now a couple times a day and hope that soon all will have enough from Darma.

In the meantime we had an annual church camp meeting to go to. I decided to take Darma with, and her pups, so that I could keep a close eye on things and to be able to supplement the pups while Darma recovered. Everything turned out great! Darma was wonderful for being put into an unfamiliar environment and recovered well. When she felt better she would run off-leash with me riding my bike. She even learned to do her business on command!

When it comes to temperament these pup's parents are very faithful, loyal, calm and fun to have around.

These pictures were taken the last couple of days. The pups range from 1.5 - 2 lbs at 2 weeks old. There are now 7 out of 12 of them with brown highlights. We'll wait to see how they turn out in time.

Darma enjoys the camping experience with her little ones.

Granny gets her nails done.

Sylvia enjoys a good swig of Mammalac.

Red seems quite happy with her weight gain.

Wolfy tells me his side of the story.

Japeth and Ben -- some bonding time with the boys.

Emily "rocks" with Red.

Sara said from the get-go... "whoever we name Twitchy, that will be my favourite" ...and so it is.

Wolfy is fed up (but in a good way).

Darma delivers a day of surprises!
July 3

Darma is a great mom. She has plenty of milk and patience for the pups.

Along with the delivery were many surprises...

Darma was a natural and did not need any coaching, even though being a first time mom. She was best left alone. As the pups started coming out they looked to be all black. We were actually expecting *some* black, but not the whole kit-and-kaboodle! As we looked closer the next day under better lighting we saw that some were a dark brown. We'll see how their colors turn out as they get older.

Our next surprise was the number of pups. The ultrasound had shown 4 - 6 pups. They must've been hiding very well as there are 12!!! -- 7 girls and 5 boys!

The pups are named after the movie "Hoodwinked" (the true story behind Little Red Riding Hood). It's a hit at our house and the kids, of course, chose the theme.

The boys are... Grizzly, Wolfy, Japeth, Twitchy and Wade.
The girls are... Zorra, Emma, Sylvia, Red, Quill, Flipper and Granny.

Darma needed some guidance on keeping the pups clean but the pups are all content and doing well.

"Who's tilting the sidewalk??"

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