We can't always predict accurately when a litter is due. Dogs' cycles are not always like clock work, so these dates are assuming that they will continue to cycle 6 months from their last cycle.

Gestation is normally 9 weeks and we keep the pups here 8 weeks before we release them to their new homes. That makes a little over 4 months from conception to going home. We take 5 deposits only per litter before they're born since litters can vary so much in size.

We think out pairings carefully. They're determined by complementing characteristics and the timing of the girls' cycles, amongst many other varying factors. Planned pairings are subject to change.

See our Choosing Process in the FAQ to see how our adoption process works.

Most times I can have a pup within 6 months for a family -- sometimes much sooner, and sometimes a while longer.

So come join the party of my followers and prepare with the required reading while you wait!! :)

If you want to be on the wait list, please read through my website and submit your application.

The marketplace has changed in the dog breeding world. Due to many factors we constantly have to evaluate whether we breed a mama that is ready to be bred or not.

In the past I've bred my girls every other cycle and when it's their turn to breed I've just done that and have never had issues selling them over the last 19 years. If you're interested in a potential litter in tomorrow's pups or just are willing to apply and get a pup when there is a litter suitable for timing and other qualities that are important to you, please contact us and apply! This will help us know better who we will breed in the future.

We're committed to our high quality standards and have developed our puppy program over the last 18 years which breeds puppies who flourish and have amazing potentials.

The plans listed below may change due to the girls varied timing of their cycles and the demand on my waitlist at the time of their cycle.

Spring 2023:
Mango and Abe or Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.

Summer 2023:
Basil and Simon for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles.
Reena and Derby for F1 mini goldendoodles.
Jelly and Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.

Fall/early Winter 2023:
Cotton and ? for F1B goldendoodles. Depends on the demand if we go with a bigger or smaller stud.
Eliza and Marlo or Derby for F1B mini goldendoodles.

The pups can start going home when they're 8 weeks old. If you can't pick up your pup by 9 weeks of age, there's a boarding fee. See the Sales Agreement.

We have two small F1 goldendoodles who will be old enough to breed this fall after they finish their health tests. We also have a potential standard poodle stud who needs to finish more health testing and come of age. We don’t have demand on our waitlist at the moment for larger dogs but please contact me if you're wanting a 50+ lb Hearty K9 Goldendoodle!

As much as we like to be in control and know when the dogs will cycle and conceive, we remain at the mercy of nature taking it's course in God's time. I only breed a female once a year and when it is her turn we breed her. They usually cycle every 6 months but this varies from 4-10 months.

There are also occasions such as "false seasons, false pregnancies, split cycles, low sperm counts etc..." that add challenges to our plans. Many times several girls will season/cycle at once, so we can have multiple litters at a time.

In saying this, I hope to increase your understanding and help you to realize that this is not a retail store, where we can order the exact item for the exact timing you need. It is often best to realize that your patience will pay off... we normally can have a pup ready for you within 6-8 months, but usually sooner depending on supply and demand.

Our most FAQ about breeding: how does it work when the boy is so much smaller than the girl? :)

Answer: We artificially inseminate. Although there is a lower success rate we get a variety of sizes, which on occasion gives us pups as small as the sire or as big as the damn. Normally the range is 20-40 lbs for a mini poodle crossed with a standard size golden retriever. Not all girls conceive easily and those ones I tend to leave with the bigger males for natural copulation.

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