Winnie's and Horton's 5 pups born on December 24, 2016

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from our mellow 45 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 18", 22 lb moyen Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Winnie’s and Horton’s F1 medium and larger Goldendoodles at 4 weeks
January 20

What a lovely bunch of pups! Winnie has an ample supply of milk so her pups are quite chubby for now. They've started to wander out of their whelping box to bathroom in the nursery... and before you know it they'll be going out their doggy door to do their business outside!

It always amazes me how young pups, given the right set up and conditions, will learn to go outside to bathroom quite quickly. My nurseries are inspired by the Monks of New Skete, and even in the coldest weather the pups start to venture outside through the doggy door at about 6-7 weeks old to bathroom.

NOTE: We now have enough deposits for Winnie's litter! Thanks to everyone for their interest.

This litter is Winnie’s last litter before she retires. Someone backed out for personal reasons and I may still have one spot open in this litter. The pups will see the vet on February 3rd and folks with deposits for this litter will start choosing the following week. They can go home on or after February 18th.

My next litters are due the end of February and March. I do have a wait list of over 20 deposits for upcoming litters at this time.

Frankincense: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hope: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Joy: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Love: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Peace: female ~ peach ribbon -- ADOPTED

Winnie's and Horton's 5 F1 Goldendoodle Christmas Eve puppies, born the morning of Dec. 24th!
December 29

Winnie laboured off and on for 4 days. Finally the cold front that came in brought on the real thing and pushed labour to bring forth 5 beautiful pups on Christmas Eve. I have not had pups born so close to Christmas before, although I have had plenty of Christmas themes over the years to name pups.

After the Christmas Eve Church service we attended, we talked about advent and I decided to name the 4 girls, Hope, Joy, Peace and Love, and the boy... Frankincense! :)

They're a very beautiful bunch. My guess (although it is too early to do so) is that they'll weigh anywhere from 35-60 lbs... but we'll see how they mature. The pups vary from cream to light apricot, but may darken over time.

Choosing for this litter will occur the week of February 6th onwards, and pick up will be February 18th. Depending on which litters people choose from, we'll likely have a spot or two available in this litter. Contact me if you're interested in a Hearty K9s pup.

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