We're a farming family who raise Goldendoodles in central Alberta, Canada, just east of Wetaskiwin. Located in a naturally beautiful scenic setting on the edge of the Gwynne Valley we're within easy reach just 1 hour south of Edmonton and 2 hours north of Calgary. If you're looking for a Doodle puppy you're welcome to visit with us and meet our dogs and pups, but please contact us first.

Our dogs have fenced runs which are 2000 sq. ft. each and they get regular exercise in our spacious fields and valley. We have developed a New Skete-inspired nursery where our pups learn paper training at an early age. Our children are actively involved with the doggy and puppy chores and the socialization of our pups.

Hearty K9s is on Instagram at #heartyk9s_home.

You can enjoy a glimpse of our lives at our home with our Hearty K9s on Instagram! I won't have time to manage questions on Instagram so please send correspondence by email, or give us a call, through our contact page.

If you're new to our site you can start exploring it by using the links on the menu to the right. The Today's Pups and News page has the newest information on our pups. If you want to see what some of our pups from previous litters are doing now, take a look at the Yesterday's Pups page. Tomorrow's Pups has information about upcoming and planned litters.

Or, just click on any link. You may be surprised by what you find!

Our Standards

We work hard to develop an unsurpassed companion for you. Our breeding dogs come from quality stock and are carefully screened for genetic health and hip dysplasia problems. More importantly we choose them for their great personalities and sound temperaments.

Our stud dogs, the poodles, are quiet, attentive, smart boys showing their best-in-breed aristocratic class. They are not yappy or hyper. Our girls vary in energy levels, but they remain gentle, well rounded, and excellent with children.

In a first generation crossing, heterosis (a term used to describe the increased fertility, growth, mental stability and good health which result when the progeny of two unrelated breeds are mated) remains the biggest advantage. Every pup in the litter may look very different from each other. We do not breed for comformity. Our most important standard is to provide you with a pup who is healthy, intelligent, has loads of personality, and is of sound temperament.

We provide a limited two year genetic health, hip dysplasia, and eye disease guarantee and a copy of the HD test score results of the parents, upon request.

Our Routines

From days 3-16, we implement early neurological stimulation (AKA Bio Sensor Treatment) for our pups. The purpose of this program is to develop a well rounded dog. Our aim is to provide pups who are more tolerant to stress, and have a greater resistance to disease.

After 16 days we use the methods described in the book, "The Art of Raising a Puppy," from the Monks of New Skete. We strongly recommend reading this book, or seeing their video series, before purchasing one of our pups to help you with continuing your pup's care and training.

Our dogs and puppies receive a quality dry dog food using the free choice method with an occasional supplement of BARF (Bones and Raw Food).

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