Reena's and Derby's 11 pups born on June 24, 2022

F1 Mini Goldendoodle pups from our very softy 50 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 12 lb Derbalicious miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini goldendoodles at 4 weeks old!
July 24

What a delightful little litter this has been! Reena has been a champ and is truly a wonderful mama. The pups have been wandering out of their whelping box since they were 2.5 weeks old. They're already starting to respond when I call out "Puppy Puppy!!" to give them their softened food.

These pups can start going to their new homes after August 24. I expect their weights to be between 15-40 lbs (these are the smallest F1s we've had for many years)!

Contact me if you're interested in one of these adorable pups.

Bean: male ~ blue collar -- ADOPTED

Biggie-Small: male ~ black collar -- ADOPTED

Chip: male ~ red collar -- ADOPTED

Sprout: male ~ green collar -- ADOPTED

Bambino: female ~ light blue collar -- ADOPTED

Button: female ~ yellow collar -- ADOPTED

Cricket: female ~ orange collar -- ADOPTED

Hiccup: female ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mouse: female ~ beige collar -- ADOPTED

Peanut: female ~ purple collar -- ADOPTED

Pixie: female ~ pink collar -- ADOPTED

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini litter of 11 born June 24
June 28

We're so excited to announce this beautiful litter of F1 minis! Reena is a lovely mama and Derby is a proud papa. This is the first litter for both of them and it will be the smallest F1s we've had for a while.

Although I expect the majority of the pups to weigh between 20-35 lbs, they may range more like 15-40 lbs. Some pups already have a nice wave to their coats and so we'll see how they change as they grow!

Our naming theme this time is "small" and so these are our small pups!
Bean, Biggie-Small, Chip, Sprout, Bambino, Button, Cricket, Hiccup, Mouse, Peanut and Pixie.

The pups can go home after August 24!

I have some availability left in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

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